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Re: [PATCH][LTO] Streamer re-org (what's left)

On Thu, 14 Aug 2014, Jan Hubicka wrote:

> > 
> > And this fixes the thinko in zlib use.
> > 
> > du  /tmp/*ltrans* | awk '{ sum += $1 } END { print sum }'
> > stage3 cc1 WPA ltrans file size 178740 (patched)
> > stage3 cc1 WPA ltrans file size 460068 (unpatched)
> The patch works now with Firefox.  For libxul linktime I get
> Unpatched:
> real    5m59.514s
> user    47m55.468s
> sys     4m36.717s
> WPA is 125s, stream in 30s, stream out 5.98s.
> Note that usually WPA is around 80-90s, it is now up because of
> devirtualization having too many contextes (it takes 40s). Will fix that next
> week.
> patched:
> real    6m12.437s
> user    51m18.829s
> sys     4m30.809s
> WPA is 129s, stream in 29.23s, stream out 12.16s.
> Patched + fast compression
> real    6m4.383s
> user    49m15.123s
> sys     4m31.166s
> WPA is 124s, stream in 29.39, stream out 7.33s.
> So I guess the difference is close to noise factor now. I am sure there 
> are better compression backends than zlib for this purpose but it seems 
> to work well enough.

Yeah, we might want to pursue that lz4 thing at some point.

I'll take the above as an ok to go forward with this change
(moving compression to the "stream" level from section level).


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