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[linaro/gcc-4_9-branch] Merge from gcc-4_9-branch and backports

Hi all

we have merged the gcc-4_9-branch into linaro/gcc-4_9-branch up to
revision 213803 as r213943.  We have also backported this set of revisions:

r211140 as r213455      [AArch64] Drop ISB after FPCR write.
r211270 as r213790      [AArch64] Remove from arm_neon.h functions not
in the spec
r211271 as r213791      Fix check for __FAST_MATH in arm_neon.h
r211273 as r213792      [Patch,testsuite] Fix bind_pic_locally
r211275 as r213792      [Patch,testsuite] Fix tests that fail due to
symbol visibility when -fPIC
r211503 as r213793      [AArch64] fix and enable non-const shuffle for
bigendian using TBL instruction
r211779 as r213793      [AArch64][committed] Delete unused variable i
r212023 as r213794      [AArch64] Fix constraint vec_unpack_trunk
r212024 as r213795      [AArch32] Cortex-A5 rtx costs table
r212142 as r213796      [AArch32] Handle clz, rbit types in arm
pipeline descriptions
r212225 as r213797      [AArch64] Fix argument types for some
high_lane* intrinsics implemented in assembly
r212296 as r213798      [AArch64] Handle fcvta[su] and frint in RTX
cost function
r212358 as r213799      [AArch64] Relocate saved_varargs_size.
r212512 as r213799      [AArch64] Restructure callee save slot allocation logic.
r212752 as r213799      Unify slots x29/x30
r212753 as r213799      [AArch64] Add frame_size and hard_fp_offset to
r212912 as r213799      [AArch64] GNU-Stylize some un-formatted code.
r212913 as r213799      [AArch64] Consistent parameter types in
prologue/epilogue generation.
r212943 as r213799      [AArch64] Remove useless local variable.
r212945 as r213799      [AArch64] Remove useless parameter base_rtx.
r212946 as r213799      [AArch64] Use register offset in
r212947 as r213799      [AArch64] Remove useless variable 'increment'
r212949 as r213799      [AArch64] Hoist calculation of register rtx.
r212950 as r213799      [AArch64] Refactor code out into
r212951 as r213799      [AArch64] Use helper functions to handle multiple modes.
r212952 as r213799      [AArch64] Unify vector and core register
save/restore code.
r212954 as r213799      [AArch64] Split save restore path.
r212955 as r213799      [AArch64] Simplify prologue expand using new
helper functions.
r212956 as r213799      [AArch64] Simplify epilogue expansion using
new helper functions.
r212957 as r213799      [AArch64] Prologue and epilogue test cases.
r212958 as r213799      [AArch64] Optimize epilogue in the presence of
an outgoing args area.
r212959 as r213799      [AArch64] Extend frame state to track WB candidates.
r212976 as r213799      [AArch64] Infrastructure for optional use of writeback
r212996 as r213799      [AArch64] Optimize prologue when there is no
frame pointer.
r212997 as r213799      [AArch64] Optimize epilogue when there is no frame
r212999 as 213800       [PATCH, ARM] Fix PR61948 (ICE with DImode
shift by 1 bit)
r213000 as r213801      PR 61713: ICE when expanding single-threaded
version of atomic_test_and_set
r213376 as r213817      [AArch64][1/2] Remove UNSPEC_CLS and use clrsb
RTL code in its' place
r213555 as r213817      [AArch64][2/2] Add rtx cost function handling
of clz, clrsb, rbit

This will be part of our 2014.08 4.9 release.


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