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Re: [PATCH 029/236] rtl_data.x_parm_birth_insn is an insn

On 08/13/14 11:08, David Malcolm wrote:
On Wed, 2014-08-13 at 07:44 -0600, Jeff Law wrote:
On 08/06/14 11:20, David Malcolm wrote:
	* function.h (struct rtl_data): Strengthen field
	"x_parm_birth_insn" from rtx to rtx_insn *.
	* function.c (struct assign_parm_data_all): Strengthen fields
	"first_conversion_insn" and "last_conversion_insn" from rtx to
	rtx_insn *.
OK.  I think at this point any patch which merely changes the type of
some variable or in a signature from rtx to rtx_insn (or any of the
concrete passes) is considered trivial enough to go forward without
Presumably you meant "subclasses" here, right?

explicit review.

That applies to patches in this series, additions you may need to make
due to changes in the tree since you last rebased and further
strengthening you or anyone else may want to tackle.

Heh - indeed, patch #30 needs a trivial fixup of the return type of the
helper function
that was added in r212171, from rtx to rtx_note *.

[yes, I'm working on rebasing it all against today's trunk right now]

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