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Re: [Patch] PR55189 enable -Wreturn-type by default

On 12/08/2014 19:48, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> On Mon, 11 Aug 2014, Sylvestre Ledru wrote:
>>> The test Wmissing-return2.c only has one of the two warnings.  But as per 
>>> "-Wreturn-type => Run both", and for backwards compatibility with the 
>>> existing definition of -Wreturn-type, both warnings should appear for this 
>>> test.  
>> Make sense. Thanks for the feedback and the help.
>> Here it is:
> Yes, those tests seem as I expect.
>> By the way, do you prefer a single commit for all tests or one per
>> directory (gfortran, C++, gcc, OpenMP) ?
> Each commit needs to avoid causing regressions.  Thus, if a change to 
> compiler behavior would cause an existing test to fail, the change to the 
> test needs to be in the same commit as the change of behavior - or in a 
> previous commit if the changed test works both with and without the 
> compiler change.
Since -Wreturn & -Wmissing-return are tied, I will have to commit
everything at once.

I am going to send the patch asap (after an update + build + tests to
make sure new tests pass).


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