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Re: [Patch] PR55189 enable -Wreturn-type by default

On 31/07/2014 00:08, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> On Mon, 7 Jul 2014, Sylvestre Ledru wrote:
>> Hello,
>> On 17/06/2014 19:41, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
>>> On Tue, 17 Jun 2014, Sylvestre Ledru wrote:
>>>> OK. I will do that.
>>>> We should test the following:
>>>> * default => run just -Wreturn-type
>>>> * -Wreturn-type => Run both
>>>> * -Wreturn-type + -Wmissing-return => Run both
>>>> * -Wno-return-type + -Wmissing-return => Run just the second one
>>>> * -Wno-return-type + -Wno-missing-return => Run none
>>>> Do you see any other?
>>> That looks like the right things to test, if there are no changes for 
>>> anything other than those options.
>> Here it is:
>> Is that what you expected?
> The test Wmissing-return2.c only has one of the two warnings.  But as per 
> "-Wreturn-type => Run both", and for backwards compatibility with the 
> existing definition of -Wreturn-type, both warnings should appear for this 
> test.  
Make sense. Thanks for the feedback and the help.
Here it is:

> (It's simply that only a subset of -Wreturn-type seems suitable to 
> enable by default for C.  Maybe the default subset, -Wreturn-type 
> -Wno-missing-return (which is a combination that should also be included 
> in the testcases), should have its own option name, although I don't know 
> what that would be.)
What about implementing that in an further commit?
I have touched more than 1200 test files and I would like to see that
merged soon to avoid more conflicts.

By the way, do you prefer a single commit for all tests or one per
directory (gfortran, C++, gcc, OpenMP) ?


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