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Re: [GSoC] Elimination of CLooG library installation dependency

On 09/08/2014 09:42, Roman Gareev wrote:
Is this segmentation fault at compile time or at run-time? I believe it was
a segfault at run-time due to a miscompile.

Yes, it's a segfault at run-time. These source codes produce wrong object files.

Possibly. Can you split the .cpp files such that you only compile a single
function with graphite and that compiling this function causes the
miscompile. This allows us to look at less code.

I've tried to reduce btCollisionWorld.cpp and
btCollisionDispatcher.cpp (They can be found attached). Should we ask

With just C++ code, Sven can help little. He has no knowledge about graphite internals.

Do you now have a setup where you can just compile one of the attached files with graphite and everything else without and the code crashes?

Why did you provide two files. I assume one should be sufficient to reproduce the crash, no?

I think for the one file you choose, it would be interesting to look
at the code generation input as well as the kernels generated by CLooG and isl. Maybe we can understand what is going on.


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