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Re: [PATCH 01/50] Add rtl-iter.h

On 08/03/14 07:39, Richard Sandiford wrote:
This patch adds the new iterators.

	* rtl-iter.h: New file.
	* rtlanal.c: Include it.
	(rtx_all_subrtx_bounds, rtx_nonconst_subrtx_bounds): New variables.
	(generic_subrtx_iterator <T>::add_single_to_queue)
	(generic_subrtx_iterator <T>::add_subrtxes_to_queue)
	(generic_subrtx_iterator <T>::free_array): New functions.
	(generic_subrtx_iterator <T>::LOCAL_ELEMS): Define.
	(generic_subrtx_iterator <const_rtx_accessor>)
	(generic_subrtx_iterator <rtx_var_accessor>
	(generic_subrtx_iterator <rtx_ptr_accessor>): Instantiate.
	(setup_reg_subrtx_bounds): New function.
	(init_rtlanal): Call it.
OK.  Just one nit...

+/* This structure describes the subrtxes of an rtx as follows:
+   - if the rtx has no subrtxes, START and COUNT are both 0.
Seems reasonable.

+static inline bool
+leaf_code_p (enum rtx_code code)
+  return rtx_all_subrtx_bounds[code].count == 0;
But we only check COUNT here.

It's a minor inconsistency.  Your call what (if anything) to do about it.


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