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Re: [PATCH][testsuite] Don't run cproj-fails-with-broken-glibc.c for broken glibc

Hi Tom,

> The test-case cproj-fails-with-broken-glibc.c does not work with broken
> glibcs, as the header comment mentions:
> ...
>    Check the runtime behavior of the C library's cproj() function and
>    whether it follows the standard.  Versions of GLIBC through 2.11.1
>    had an incorrect implementation which will conflict with GCC's
>    builtin cproj().  GLIBC 2.12+ should be okay.
> ...
> This patch skips the test for known broken glibcs. OK for trunk?

I'm not at all happy with this patch: unless absolutely necessary, we
shouldn't check for version numbers when there's any way to check for
working/broken features instead.

I'm all for keeping testsuite results clean, but this seems like a total
corner case to me.  Which distributions do still use affected glibc

That test, even if we go the glibc version route, needs to be XFAILed
instead of requiring the working version.  Apart from that, new
effective-target keywords need documenting in doc/sourcebuild.texi.


Rainer Orth, Center for Biotechnology, Bielefeld University

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