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[Ada] Add support for files > 2Gb on 32bit platforms.

This patch set adds support for file larger than 2Gb on 32bit
platforms. The main visible change is that Stream_Element_Offset
is now a 64bit type on all platforms. The other changes are
internal only.

Tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, committed on trunk

2014-07-31  Pascal Obry  <>

	* (Stream_Element_Offset): Now a signed 64bit type.
	*, (fseek64): Offset is always a 64bit value.
	(ftell64): Always returns a 64bit value.
	* cstreams.c (int64): New definition.
	(_FILE_OFFSET_BITS): Set to 64 to enable 64bit offset support.
	(__gnat_ftell64): Always returns a 64bit value. The implemenation now
	uses ftello() on UNIX.
	(__gnat_fseek64): Offset is always a 64bit value. The
	implementation now uses fseeko() on UNIX.
	* a-ststio.adb, s-direio.adb (Set_Position): Simplify code,
	always use fseek64 to set the offset.
	(Size): Simplify code, always use fseek64/ftell64.
	* (Count): Now an int64.
	* (Vector_Element): Adjust definition for Length
	to be a size_t. This matches the C definition and avoid using
	a 64bit integer on 32bit platforms now that Count is always 64bit.
	* g-socthi-mingw.adb (Ada.Streams): Removed as not used anymore.
	(C_Recvmsg): Change some conversion to account for change in
	(C_Sendmsg): Likewise.

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