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Re: [Patch, Fortran] PRs 61881/61888 - Fix issues with SIZEOF, CLASS(*) and assumed-rank

Dear Paul,

Paul Richard Thomas wrote:
Whilst I am aware that we can now use the single line C++ comment,
would it perhaps be a better idea to stick with the C style comments
just for uniformity?


+      if (arg->ts.type == BT_CLASS)
+    {
+      tmp = gfc_vtable_size_get (TREE_OPERAND (argse.expr, 0));
+      tmp = fold_convert (result_type, tmp);
+      goto done;
+    }

Is there any possibility that the class object will be adorned by any
kind of reference here?  In which case, you should drill down through
the TREE_OPERANDS to find it.

I think it should be fine - it just removes the outermost component reference, which should give the class struct, independently whether it is class_var or dt(5)%comp(7)%class_comp.

Otherwise, this is OK for trunk.
Thanks for the patch

Assuming that the second part is okay, I have now committed it with the comment-style change as Rev. 213079.

Thanks for the patch review!


PS: Next on my to-do list is to post a RFC version of openacc_lib.h / module openacc, using the patch, for the gomp-4_0-branch. And then I want to continue on the locking/critical section support for coarrays.

PPS: I realized that the sub-pointer issues, where the actual stride is not a multiple of the element length, very quickly and badly hits me with scalar derived-type coarrays with array components. Thus, to support those, I am also very interested in getting the new array descriptor up and running and onto the trunkâ I do not really like the idea of coding around that issue.

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