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Re: [Patch, Fortran] PRs 61881/61888 - Fix issues with SIZEOF, CLASS(*) and assumed-rank

Dear Tobias,

Whilst I am aware that we can now use the single line C++ comment,
would it perhaps be a better idea to stick with the C style comments
just for uniformity?

+      if (arg->ts.type == BT_CLASS)
+    {
+      tmp = gfc_vtable_size_get (TREE_OPERAND (argse.expr, 0));
+      tmp = fold_convert (result_type, tmp);
+      goto done;
+    }

Is there any possibility that the class object will be adorned by any
kind of reference here?  In which case, you should drill down through
the TREE_OPERANDS to find it.

Otherwise, this is OK for trunk.

Thanks for the patch


On 26 July 2014 01:47, Tobias Burnus <> wrote:
> The patch has been motivated by the needs for implementing the openacc
> module. In particular, it does:
> - Fix passing intrinsic types to CLASS(*) [F2003]
> - Fix STORAGE_SIZE for polymorphic arrays [F2003]
> - Permit the vendor intrinsic SIZEOF also for TYPE(*) if and only if an
> array descriptor has been used [extend GNU extension]
> - Fix SIZEOF with assumed-rank [fix GNU extension]
> - Document that SIZEOF's result are not well defined for noncontiguous
> arrays. [fix GNU extension]
> Build and regtested on x86-64-gnu-linux.
> OK for the trunk?
> Tobias

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