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Re: [GSoC] generation of Gimple code from isl_ast_node_if

> I have no idea. Is the Gimple basic block of S_3 never set, or is it set and
> deleted on the way?

I think, that it is deleted on the way. I've found out, that the
Gimple basic block will be set, if we add the following code to the

bb_schedule = isl_map_set_tuple_id (bb_schedule, isl_dim_in,
isl_id_for_pbb (scop, pbb));

where isl_id_for_pbb is

static isl_id *
isl_id_for_pbb (scop_p s, poly_bb_p pbb)
  char name[50];
  snprintf (name, sizeof (name), "S_%d", pbb_index (pbb));
  return isl_id_alloc (s->ctx, name, pbb);

> What code does S_3 correspond to?

If I'm not mistaken, it is corresponds to:

res_18 = Cross_BB_scalar_dependence.7[0];
phi_out_of_ssa.4[0] = res_18;

I used the following code from to dump basic
block of the Gimple basic block:

gimple_stmt_iterator si;

for (si = gsi_start_phis (bb); !gsi_end_p (si); gsi_next (&si))
    gimple phi = gsi_stmt (si);
    print_gimple_stmt (dump_file, phi, 0, TDF_SLIM);
for (si = gsi_start_bb (bb); !gsi_end_p (si); gsi_next (&si))
    gimple stmt = gsi_stmt (si);
    print_gimple_stmt (dump_file, stmt, 0, TDF_SLIM);

Could you please advise me possible functions from
graphite-sese-to-poly.c, which can delete this?

P.S.: Only S_3 has this problem in the example.

                                   Cheers, Roman Gareev.

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