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Re: [patch, avr] Device macro correction for rev devices

S, Pitchumani schrieb:
Attached patch changes the device name macro of two rev devices, from REV
to rev in the name.

Device name macro:

Change to:

'rev' in small letters emphasizes the revision of the device.

This is *NOT* OK.

The built-in macros for these devices have been uppercase in avr-gcc and AVR-Libc aver since, and they have always be compatible.

Just because one vendor (Atmel) lost track of their patches is no reason to introduce changes that render tools incompatible with existing code or with bit older versions of AVR-Libc or GCC.

BTW; the same change has been rejected for AVR-Libc for the same reason:




2014-07-14  Pitchumani Sivanupandi  <>

    * config/avr/avr-mcus.def (atmega16hvbrevb): Change device name macro
    to __AVR_ATmega16HVBrevB__.
    (atmega32hvbrevb): Change device name macro to __AVR_ATmega32HVBrevB__.

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