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[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite v2 00/21] Neon intrinsics executable tests

This patch series is an updated version of the series I sent here:

Compared to v1:
- all tests moved from to
- README updated to make it obvious that these tests are
- added README.neon-intrinsics in to indicate that
  these tests are shared with
- removed scan-asseembler directives from vadd.c test
- moved vshl.c in the 1st patch since the README mentions it as an
  example where corner cases are tested
- added ChangeLog entries

OK for trunk?



Christophe Lyon (21):
  Neon intrinsics execution tests initial framework.
  Add unary operators: vabs and vneg.
  Add binary operators: vadd, vand, vbic, veor, vorn, vorr, vsub.
  Add comparison operators: vceq, vcge, vcgt, vcle and vclt.
  Add comparison operators with floating-point operands: vcage, vcagt,  
      vcale and cvalt.
  Add unary saturating operators: vqabs and vqneg.
  Add binary saturating operators: vqadd, vqsub.
  Add vabal tests.
  Add vabd tests.
  Add vabdl tests.
  Add vaddhn tests.
  Add vaddl tests.
  Add vaddw tests.
  Add vbsl tests.
  Add vclz tests.
  Add vdup and vmov tests.
  Add vld1_dup tests.
  Add vld2/vld3/vld4 tests.
  Add vld2_lane, vld3_lane and vld4_lane
  Add vmul tests.
  Add vuzp and vzip tests.

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