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Re: Warn when returning the address of a temporary (middle-end) v2

On Mon, 30 Jun 2014, Jeff Law wrote:

On 06/29/14 03:22, Marc Glisse wrote:

After looking at PR 61597, I updated the 2 conditions to:

+          if ((TREE_CODE (valbase) == VAR_DECL
+               && !is_global_var (valbase))
+              || TREE_CODE (valbase) == PARM_DECL)

a PARM_DECL is a local variable and returning its address is wrong,
isn't it?
Right.  It can live in either a caller or callee allocated slot.

The "caller" case scares me a bit. Is it really wrong to return the address in that case? The slot still exists after returning if the caller is responsible for it.

When I first glanced at the patch my thought was "why is this in the path isolation pass?"

A very pragmatic reason is that you and Richard asked me to after v1 of the patch... It doesn't matter that much to me where this goes.

But I see you want to modify the returned value to be NULL. I'll have to look at why you want to do that, but at least I understand why it's utilizing the path isolation code.

Originally I mostly wanted to avoid warning several times. Now that the warning is in a pass that runs only once, it isn't that necessary (it remains necessary to do something in the front-end to avoid warning again in the middle-end). It is still an optimization (it probably helps remove dead code), though I could replace 0 with an undefined variable.

Marc Glisse

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