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Re: [PATCH] gcc: fix segfault from calling free on non-malloc'd area

[Re: [PATCH] gcc: fix segfault from calling free on non-malloc'd area] On 23/06/2014 (Mon 14:32) Jeff Law wrote:

> On 06/23/14 14:09, Tobias Burnus wrote:
> >This patch broke bootstrapping for me on x86-64-gnu-linux:
> >
> >/usr/lib64/gcc/x86_64-suse-linux/4.8/../../../../x86_64-suse-linux/bin/ld:
> >i386 architecture of input file `/usr/lib/crti.o' is incompatible with
> >i386:x86-64 output
> >
> >If I revert the patch, it works for me.
> Reverted.  Will have to look deeper.  Paul, did you bootstrap with
> this patch on the trunk?

Hi Jeff,

I was using the yocto/oe-core build system, and hence it was creating
gcc-cross-initial from its own build system (with ~50 other patches
on gcc-4.9.0 baseline)  -- so it isn't 100% identical to a manual
bootstrapping on trunk.

It sounds like Jakub has provided additional details on why this may
have broken bootstrap, as the issue appears to be possibly of wider
scope than I originally reported.  I'll revisit it tomorrow morning,
and see what additional details I can provide.


> jeff

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