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Re: [GSoC] Addition of ISL AST generation to Graphite

Please add a FIXME note in graphite_regenerate_ast_isl saying that
this is not yet a full implementation of the code generator with ISL
It would be useful to make the current graphite_regenerate_ast_isl
working by calling graphite_regenerate_ast_cloog and adding the fixme
note above saying that we rely on the cloog code generator until we
implement the ISL AST parsing.

There is also a minor code style issue in:

isl_set * context_isl = isl_set_params (isl_set_copy (scop->context));

please remove the space after *:

isl_set *context_isl = isl_set_params (isl_set_copy (scop->context));

Otherwise the two patches look good to me.


On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 12:04 PM, Tobias Grosser <> wrote:
> On 18/06/2014 21:00, Roman Gareev wrote:
>> These patches add ISL AST generation to graphite, which can be chosen
>> by the fgraphite-code-generator=[isl|cloog] switch. The first patch
>> makes initial renaming of gloog and gloog_error to
>> graphite_regenerate_ast_cloog and graphite_regenerate_error,
>> respectively. The second one adds new files with generation of ISL
>> AST, new switch, new testcase that checks that the dump is generated.
>> Is it fine for trunk?
> I went over this from the graphite side and it looks fine. However,
> as I did not commit for a while to gcc, it would be great if someone else
> could have a look.
> Cheers,
> Tobias

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