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[wwwdocs] convert contribute.html to https

Convert references to to use https.  
Shorten textual reference to GCC Bugzilla.



Index: contribute.html
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/contribute.html,v
retrieving revision 1.83
diff -u -r1.83 contribute.html
--- contribute.html	3 Dec 2013 01:18:23 -0000	1.83
+++ contribute.html	22 Jun 2014 13:05:42 -0000
@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@
 <p>Submissions which do not conform to the standards will be returned
 with a request to address any such problems.  To help with the
 preparation of patches respecting these rules, one can use the script
-<a href="";>
+<a href="";>
 contrib/</a> to detect some of the common
 mistakes. </p>
@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@
 regression tests to ensure that your patch does not break anything
 else.  Typically, this means comparing post-patch test results to
 pre-patch results by testing twice or comparing with recent posts to
-the <a href="";>gcc-testresults
+the <a href="";>gcc-testresults
 <h3>Which tests to perform</h3>
@@ -192,7 +192,7 @@
 For new features a description of the feature and your implementation.
 For bugs a description of what was wrong with the existing code, and a
 reference to any previous bug report (in the
-<a href="";>GCC bug tracking system</a> or the
+<a href="";>GCC bug tracker</a> or the
 <a href="";>gcc-bugs archives</a>) and any
 existing testcases for the problem in the GCC testsuite.
@@ -237,7 +237,7 @@, please configure your svn to use GNU diff
 and generate patches using the &quot;<code>-up</code>&quot; or 
 &quot;<code>-cp</code>&quot; options.
-See <a href="";>SVN setup instructions</a>
+See <a href="";>SVN setup instructions</a>
 for more details.<br />
 Do not include generated files as part of the patch, just mention
 them in the ChangeLog (e.g., "* configure: Regenerate."). 

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