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Re: [patch] improve sloc assignment on bind_expr entry/exit code

Hi Jeff,

On Jun 17, 2014, at 22:42 , Jeff Law <> wrote:

>> 	* tree-core.h (tree_block): Add an "end_locus" field, allowing
>> 	memorization of the end of block source location.
>> 	* tree.h (BLOCK_SOURCE_END_LOCATION): New accessor.
>> 	* gimplify.c (gimplify_bind_expr): Propagate the block start and
>> 	end source location info we have on the block entry/exit code we
>> 	generate.
> OK.

 Great, thanks! :-)

>  I assume y'all will add a suitable test to the Ada testsuite and propagate it into the GCC testsuite in due course?

 Yes, I will. At the patch submission time, I was unclear on what dejagnu
 device was available to setup a reliable testing protocol for this kind of
 issue and I was interested in getting feedback on the patch contents first.

 ISTM that dg-scan-asm for the expected extra .loc's would work, maybe
 restricted to some target we know produces .loc directives.

 Sounds appropriate ?

 Thanks again for your feedback,


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