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Re: Another AIX Bootstrap failure

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 4:08 PM, Jan Hubicka <> wrote:
>> Honza,
>> Thanks for reverting the patch. I will check if this resolves the
>> current bootstrap problem.
>> I was suggesting that you create a branch for all of the visibility
>> changes to make it easier to track the various original patches and
>> later correction patches from you.
>> I don't know if the gen* programs hang because of the visibility
>> changes or because of the change in sections. The change in sections
>> could conflict with the GCC code to handle AIX XCOFF CSECTs for
>> functions.
>> AIX recently added support for ELF-like visibility. AIX previously
>> supported the equivalent of visibility through "export" files. The
>> recent problems could be due to issues with assembly file ordering,
>> but they also could be related to the visibility changes affecting the
>> way that GCC emits code to branch to global functions.
> I comitted the revert now (my original testing got struct on ICE in
> auto-inc-dec pass that is unrelated).  I probably won't have time to analye
> what went wrong until Wednesday. The patch did not really play with
> ELF visibilities it was again related to bringing symbols local.
> I tried a case disabling the new conditional on clearning user section
> but that did not help. The patch basically collected few cleanups
> and fixes of corner case.  Last change is fix in the inline heuristics
> to not try to enale DECL_ONE_ONLY section sharing on targets not supporting
> it.  Obviously it should not lead to wrong code, since any inlining decision
> change should not, but I am testing it independnely now.

Can you please verify the testcase in PR61523 doesn't fail with your
reworked patch for arm-none-linux-gnueabihf ?


> Honza

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