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Re: [PATCH] proposed fix for bug # 61144

> >   /* Variables declared 'const' without an initializer
> >      have zero as the initializer if they may not be
> >      overridden at link or run time.  */
> >   if (!DECL_INITIAL (real_decl)
> >       && (DECL_EXTERNAL (decl) || decl_replaceable_p (decl)))
> >     return error_mark_node;
> > 
> > Honza?
> Indeed, this may be a better place to do it as long as
> decl_replaceable_p reliably returns true for weak aliases. If so, the
> following might work:
>    if ((!DECL_INITIAL (real_decl) && DECL_EXTERNAL (decl))
>        || decl_replaceable_p (decl)))
>      return error_mark_node;
> On the other hand, I might just separate it out into two separate if
> statements since they should probably have their own comments.

Yep, this looks like correct change.  I used to have FIXME on this but
it seems it went away during some cleanups - the original condition was
comming from expmed's folding and indeed it looked unsafe to me.

This change is OK with the testcase (if it passes testing)

> I would appreciate help from anyone familiar with GCC internals on
> getting this right.
> Rich

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