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Re: [PATCH 0/6] Make df_ref representation more efficient

> Walks of things like DF_REF_INSN_USES were showing up high in the profile
> of a fold-const.ii compilation.  These reference lists are represented
> as pointers to null-terminated lists of pointers, and since there's
> little locality when walking all insns, each loop over the uses or defs
> generally has two major cache misses before it can do anything
> (or one major cache miss before doing nothing), on top of accessing
> the underlying df_insn_info.  Also, for -O0, the overhead of mallocing
> lots of small arrays is itself noticeable.
> I don't think there's any real need for this representation.  Each
> df_ref belongs to exactly one of these null-terminated pointer arrays,
> so using a normal linked list would be more efficient memory-wise
> (because we'd save on the null terminator and separate malloced memory).

I think situation here is simliar to ipa-ref.  Here I have two arrays 
in ipa_ref_list:
  /* Store actual references in references vector.  */
  vec<ipa_ref_t, va_gc> *references;
  /* Referring is vector of pointers to references.  It must not live in GGC space
     or GGC will try to mark middle of references vectors.  */
  vec<ipa_ref_ptr>  GTY((skip)) referring;

So all references are stored in an array, while all referring are stored
as array of pointers to references within the arrays of refering nodes.

On resize of references array I need to check if all references has moved &
update referring arrays accordingly, but that is not so big deal. Also users
needs to be aware of fact that refernces do not have stable addresses.

Perhaps this representation would make sense for df? Especially when references
are collected for given function and thus we know the size of references array
in advance?

> The idea might have been to allow the array to be sorted easily.
> That doesn't really apply now though.  We collect the references in a
> df_collection_rec and sort them there before populating the df_insn_info.
> After that we just insert single elements or merge two sorted lists.
> (Both of these are currently done as full qsorts, but don't need to be.)
> Using a linked list gives a consistent 2% compile-time improvement for
> fold-const.ii -O0 and ~1% for various -O2 compiles I tried.  The df
> routines do still show up high on the profile though.
> Tested on x86_64-linux-gnu.  OK to install?
> Thanks,
> Richard

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