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Commit: RX: Correctly honour user specified alignment of jumps, loops and labels

Hi Guys,

  I am applying the patch below to fix a small problem with the RX port
  - it was using non-log based alignment values for jumps, loops and
  labels when user specified alignment was enabled.


2014-06-13  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/rx/rx.h (JUMP_ALIGN): Return the log value if user
	requested alignment is active.
	(LABEL_ALIGN): Likewise.
	(LOOP_ALIGN): Likewise.

Index: gcc/config/rx/rx.h
--- gcc/config/rx/rx.h	(revision 211637)
+++ gcc/config/rx/rx.h	(working copy)
@@ -433,9 +433,9 @@
 /* Compute the alignment needed for label X in various situations.
    If the user has specified an alignment then honour that, otherwise
    use rx_align_for_label.  */
-#define JUMP_ALIGN(x)				(align_jumps ? align_jumps : rx_align_for_label (x, 0))
-#define LABEL_ALIGN(x)				(align_labels ? align_labels : rx_align_for_label (x, 3))
-#define LOOP_ALIGN(x)				(align_loops ? align_loops : rx_align_for_label (x, 2))
+#define JUMP_ALIGN(x)				(align_jumps > 1 ? align_jumps_log : rx_align_for_label (x, 0))
+#define LABEL_ALIGN(x)				(align_labels > 1 ? align_labels_log : rx_align_for_label (x, 3))
+#define LOOP_ALIGN(x)				(align_loops > 1 ? align_loops_log : rx_align_for_label (x, 2))
 #define LABEL_ALIGN_AFTER_BARRIER(x)		rx_align_for_label (x, 0)

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