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Re: ipa-visibility TLC 2/n

> >
> > Comdat locals are now used by ipa-comdats, for thunks and for decloned ctors.
> > We probably need to figure out bit more precise limitation of Solaris and either
> > fix or add way for target to say what kind of comdat locals are not supported.
> Right.  I'll start reghunting for the patch that caused additional
> breakage even without comdat, as on Solaris 10.

Good, at least one bug is off my radar.
I was thinking about the ipa-comdats issue and I remembered older problem where I wanted
to place thunks before function (to avoid need to jump back to the body) and that caused
problems for you, too, since solaris assembler apparently refused other than main comdat
group symbol being defined first.

Perhaps we run into similar issues? Do you know what precisely are the restrictions here?
(we do, for example, comdat groups that do not contain a symbol the group is called by,
so I do not see how the main symbol name is significant)

IPA-comdat brings extra symbols into the comdat group and pays no attention on the order,
so perhaps this is causing the issue.  We may add some logic into assemble_functions
to fix the order or work out why this breaks.
> > Can I reproduce your setup on the compile farm?
> According to, there are no Solaris
> machines or VMs in the compile farm.  If a VM could be set up (no idea
> if they allow non-free OSes beyond AIX there), I'd suggest starting with
> Solaris 11.2 Beta
> (,
> which has the latest in /bin/ld support.  I can certainly help with
> setting something up.

Would be nice to have non-free OS for testing.  Comdats and aliases seems to be riddled by
implementation bugs and it would be nice to have way to test for those.

> 	Rainer
> -- 
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Rainer Orth, Center for Biotechnology, Bielefeld University

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