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Re: [Patch] PR55189 enable -Wreturn-type by default

On Thu, 5 Jun 2014, Sylvestre Ledru wrote:

> > Some of those patches appear to be addressing cases where control appears 
> > to reach the end of a function returning non-void, as opposed to cases 
> > where the return type defaults to int. 
> Do you have an example of the patches you are talking about?

In 0004-Update-gcc-tests-with-warning-return-type-enabled-by.patch the 
very first change is adding such a "return 0;" (as are lots of others).

> You are talking about code like this one (from Jonathan Wakely) ?
> int f(int c)
> {
>     if (c)
>        return 0;
>     function_that_never_returns();
> }


> Initially, I implemented -Wmissing-return to manage this case (
> ) but Jason
> suggested to remove that:
> (I don't have a strong opinion on the subject).

I think splitting the option like that makes sense.  Compatibility 
indicates that -Wreturn-type and -Wall should still enable 
-Wmissing-return, but only the other pieces of -Wreturn-type should be 
enabled by default, at least for C.  (Enabling -Wimplicit-int by default 
might be a good starting point.)

Also, at least one testsuite change in your patch is wrong.  You add an 
"int" return type to c90-impl-int-1.c, which is explicitly checking the 
implicit int functionality for C90; use of dg-warning there would be more 
appropriate (since the point is that it doesn't give an error with 
-pedantic-errors).  It would probably also be best not to add 
-Wno-return-type in c99-impl-int-1.c.  (Any places where /* { dg-bogus 
"warning" "warning in place of error" } */ in tests causes problems 
because you get a new warning *in addition* to the existing error can have 
that dg-bogus removed and a dg-warning directive for the warning added - 
dg-warning/dg-error used not to distinguish properly between warnings and 
errors, so requiring such dg-bogus directives if you wanted to test the 
difference, but that was fixed a long time ago.)

Joseph S. Myers

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