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Re: [PATCH 3/5] Make recog_op_alt consumers check the enabled attribute

Thanks for the reviews, now committed

Jeff Law <> writes:
> On 05/31/14 03:15, Richard Sandiford wrote:
>> As described in the covering note, it seems better to put the onus of
>> checking the enabled attribute on the passes that are walking each
>> alternative, like LRA does for its internal subpasses.  That leads
>> to a nicer interface in patch 4 and would make it easier to precompute
>> the information at build time.  (The only thing preventing that now is
>> the subunion class.)
>> Thanks,
>> Richard
>> gcc/
>> 	* recog.c (preprocess_constraints): Don't skip disabled alternatives.
>> 	* ira-lives.c (check_and_make_def_conflict): Check for disabled
>> 	alternatives.
>> 	(make_early_clobber_and_input_conflicts): Likewise.
>> 	* config/i386/i386.c (ix86_legitimate_combined_insn): Likewise.
> Did you spot check the other ports which utilized the enabled attribute 
> to see if they need tweaking too?
> I see aarch64, alpha, arc, arm, avr, c6x m68k, mips, mn10300, nds32, 
> s390, sh & sparc.  I didn't check to see if any of them walk the 
> alternatives in the backend.

Yeah, the only port besides i386 to use preprocess_constraints is arm,
but it only looks at alternative which_alternative.


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