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Re: [PING*2][PATCH] Extend mode-switching to support toggle (1/2)


Any feedback for this ? I'd like to commit only when OK for Epiphany.

many thanks,


On 05/26/2014 05:32 PM, Christian Bruel wrote:
>> On 04/28/2014 10:08 AM, Christian Bruel wrote:
>>>>>> Hello,
>>>>>> I'd like to ping the following patches
>>>>>> [Hookize mode-switching]
>>>>>> [Add new hooks to support toggle and SH4A fpchg instruction]
>>> Sorry, I only saw the first part and thought I' d need to wait till I
>>> see the second part - and I somehow missed that.
>>> I think the previous known mode should be passed to the
>>> TARGET_MODE_EMIT hook - no need to have extra hooks
>>> for toggling, and, as I mentioned earlier, fixating on the toggle is
>>> actually an SH artifact - other ports have multi-way
>>> modes settings that can benefit from knowing the previous mode.
>> OK I'll change the bool toggle parameter by the previous mode in
>> TARGET_MODE_EMIT and remove the bool XOR hooks in the SH description.
> Hello,
> This is the interface for targets that could use the previous mode for
> switching. TARGET_MODE_EMIT now takes a new prev_mode parameter. If the
> previous mode cannot be determined, MODE_NONE (value depends on  the
> entity) is used.
> The implementation is less trivial than just supporting a boolean toggle
> bit, as the previous modes information have to be carried along the
> edges. For this I recycle the auxiliary edge field that is made
> unnecessary by the removal of make_pred_opaque and a change in the
> implementation to call LCM for every modes from every identity
> simultaneously. This idea was suggested by Joern in PR29349.  Another
> speed improvement is that we process the modes to no_mode instead of
> max_num_modes for each entity.
> Thanks to all this, the only additional data to support prev_mode is
> that for each BB, the avin/avout lcm computation are cached inside the
> bb_info mode_in/mode_out fields,  the xor toggle bit handling  could
> have been removed.
> bootstrapped/regtested for x86 and sh4, sh4a, sh4a-single,
> epiphany build is OK. testsuite not ran.
> Joern, is this new target macro interface OK with you ? Jeff, (or other
> RTL maintainer) since this is a new implementation for
> optimize_mode_switching I suppose your previous approval doesn't held
> anymore... is this new one OK for trunk as well ?
> No change for x86/sh4/2a interfaces.
> Many thanks
> Christian

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