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RE: [MIPS] Add sbasic supoert ffor MSA (SIMD)

Mike Stump <> writes:
> On May 28, 2014, at 7:27 AM, Richard Earnshaw <> wrote:
> >
> > Speed of implementation.  We're gradually replacing these with proper
> > builtins, but that takes a lot more work.
> As an owner of a port with more builtins that yours, I can offer a
> technological solution to reduce the cost of builtins to:
> (define_builtin "my_stop"
>   [
>     (define_outputs [(void_operand 0)])
>     (define_rtl_pattern "my_stop" [])
>   ]
> )
> (define_insn "my_stop"
>   [(unspec_volatile [(const_int 0)]
>                     UNSPECV_STOP)]
>   ""
>   "stop")
> for example.  This creates the builtins, allows overloading, allows
> input/output parameters, can reorder operands, allows for complex types,
> allows memory reference parameters, allows pure markings, does vectors,
> conditional availability, generates documentation, creates test suites and
> more.  If you wire up a speaker it even sings.
> Someone would have have to step forward with a need and some time to port
> their port over to the new scheme and help with the reason for why the
> technology should go in.  It is mostly contained in 5600 lines of self
> contained python code, and is built to solve the problem generally.  It adds
> about 800 lines to builtins.c.  It has a macro system that is more powerful
> than the macro system .md files use, so one gets to share and collapse
> builtins rather nicely.  It is known to work for C and C++.  Other languages
> may need extending; C for example cost is around 250 lines to support.

Myself and others at IMG would be interested in reviewing/evaluating the
implementation and assuming it looks useful then we would of course help to
get it in shape for submission.
> One promise, you will never have to create an argument list, or a type, for
> example here is a two output, type input functional instruction with some
> doc content:
> (define_mode_iterator MYTYPE
>         [V8QI V4HI V2SI DI ...])
> (define_builtin "my_foo" "my_foo2_<type>"
>   [
>     (define_desc    "Doc string for operation")
>     (define_outputs [(var_operand:T_MYTYPE 0)
>                      (var_operand:T_MYTYPE 1)])
>     (define_inputs  [(var_operand:T_MYTYPE 2)
>                      (var_operand:T_MYTYPE 3)])
>     (define_rtl_pattern "my_foo2_<mode>" [0 2 1 3])
>     (attributes [pure])
>   ]
> )
> I stripped it so you can't know what the instruction was, but you get a
> flavor of multiple outputs, doc bits, pure, overloading, arguments and
> argument rearranging.

Can you post the implementation as an RFC? I suspect the python aspect
will cause the most trouble as GCC builds do not currently require python
I guess that could change depending on the value added. Otherwise it would
be a rewrite I guess.

Before digging in too deep though it would be useful to know if RichardS
would be willing to consider this kind of thing for the MIPS port?


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