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Re: [PATCH AArch64] Remove from arm_neon.h functions not in the spec

No, hold that, vfmaq_n_f64 has been added back in the latest version (to which I linked). Hang on...


Alan Lawrence wrote:
arm_neon.h contains a bunch of functions (for example, the wonderful vcgez_u* intrinsics - that's an unsigned comparison of greater-than-or-equal-to zero) that are not present in the current ARM Neon Intrinsics spec:

This patch just deletes those intrinsics.

OK for trunk?

Cheers, Alan

2014-05-27  Alan Lawrence  <>

	* config/aarch64/arm_neon.h (vfmaq_n_f64, vmlaq_n_f64, vmlsq_n_f64,
	vrsrtsq_f64, vtst_p16, vtstq_p16, vcge_p8, vcgeq_p8, vcgez_p8, vcgez_u8,
	vcgez_u16, vcgez_u32, vcgez_u64, vcgezq_p8, vcgezq_u8, vcgezq_u16,
	vcgezq_u32, vcgezq_u64, vcgezd_u64, vcgt_p8, vcgtq_p8, vcgtz_p8,
	vcgtz_u8, vcgtz_u16, vcgtz_u32, vcgtz_u64, vcgtzq_p8, vcgtzq_u8,
	vcgtzq_u16, vcgtzq_u32, vcgtzq_u64, vcgtzd_u64, vcle_p8, vcleq_p8,
	vclez_p8, vclez_u64, vclezq_p8, vclezd_u64, vclt_p8, vcltq_p8, vcltz_p8,
	vcltzq_p8, vcltzd_u64): Remove functions as they are not in the spec.

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