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Re: lto-plugin: mismatch between ld's architecture and GCC's configure --host

On 05/22/2014 06:56 AM, Thomas Schwinge wrote:

Now that GCC again is in development stage, and with fresh hope to have
someone review this patch submission, after having let the issue rest for
several months: I just re-tested the current versions.  Still there are
no changes for a "regular" build (not using the new configure options).
On the other hand, configuring GCC as described in the documentation
update, it is possible to use the 32-bit x86 linker for/with a x86_64
build, and get the very same GCC test results as when using a x86_64
linker.  See
for the whole story.

The patches looked fine to Cary, but he says they need approval by a
global maintainer or build machinery maintainer.

The module_srcdir patch is fine (assuming you've tested it on a Canadian cross).

The "Non-host system configuration for linker plugins" patch is OK if you test it on a Canadian cross (unexpected bugs can pop up with Canadian crosses, so you need to test it with build != host != target, preferably with all three incompatible).

I don't feel that I understand the lto-plugin code well enough to approve that patch.

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