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Re: [PATCH] Warn on and fold NULL checks against inline functions

On Mon, 26 May 2014, Patrick Palka wrote:

This patch teaches the C++ frontend to warn on NULL checks against
inline functions and it teaches the middle-end to fold NULL checks
against inline functions.  These two things are currently done for
non-inline C++ functions, but inline functions are exceptional in that
the C++ frontend marks them as weak, and NULL checks against weak
symbols cannot be folded in general because the symbol may be mapped to
NULL at link-time.

But in the case of an inline function, the fact that it's a weak symbol
is an implementation detail.  And because it is not permitted to
explicitly give an inline function the "weak" attribute (see
handle_weak_attribute), in order to acheive $SUBJECT it suffices to
assume that all inline functions are non-null, which is what this patch

Thanks for working on this. You may want to mention PR 59948 in the ChangeLog. In the comments of that PR, Honza seems to have a different idea of what the fold-const test should look like.

Marc Glisse

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