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Re: Darwin bootstrap failure following wide int merge (was: we are starting the wide int merge)

On May 26, 2014, at 2:22 AM, FX <> wrote:
>> This causes GCC bootstrap to fail on Darwin systems (whose system compiler is clang-based). Since PR 61146 was resolved as INVALID (but I’m not sure it’s the right call, see below), I’ve filed a separate report for the bootstrap issue (
> Since my PR has been closed twice by Andrew Pinski (“it’s clang’s fault, bouh ouh”), I’d ask the maintainers to step in. Can we please provide a GCC that works for the default darwin setup? Or at least drop darwin as secondary target and document the failure?

The best coarse of action, post a patch, have it reviewed and put in.  Current action, a patch has been posted, the review is outstanding, I’d like to see it put in; though, I am curious why the casts were there in the first place.

Another way out, #ifndef clang the entire thing and disappear the contents for clang.  I’d be fine with that as well, ultimately the longlong.h people will have to choose how they want to solve the issue.

The state of the PR system isn’t as concerning to me as the state of the software tree.  The bug _will_ get fixed, one way, or, another.  The current patch posted that removes the casts seems like the best possible solution to me.

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