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Darwin bootstrap failure following wide int merge (was: we are starting the wide int merge)

> > .././../gcc-4.10-20140518/gcc/ error: invalid use of a 
> > cast in a inline asm context requiring an l-value: remove the cast or 
> > build with -fheinous-gnu-extensions
> >           umul_ppmm (val[1], val[0], op1.ulow (), op2.ulow ());
> >           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> This is PR 61146.  You can get around it by adding -fheinous-gnu-extensions

This causes GCC bootstrap to fail on Darwin systems (whose system compiler is clang-based). Since PR 61146 was resolved as INVALID (but I’m not sure it’s the right call, see below), I’ve filed a separate report for the bootstrap issue (

Regarding PR 61146, I agree with Marc Glisse (comment #3) that the casts in question look weird and should probably be removed, as was done in GMP. This code should be cleaned up, and it will fix bootstrap on clang-based target coincidentally, without adding another kludge.


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