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Re: profile mode maintenance patch

On 24/05/2014 13:33, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
On 12/05/14 22:14 +0200, François Dumont wrote:

   Here is a maintenance patch for profile mode. It does:

- Use inheritance to limit duplication of code in constructors to register for the different profiling mode diagnostics data structure. - Remove many code keeping only instrumented methods or methods that where the container type itself appears in the signature..
- Extend the map to unordered_map to all ordered containers.

And of course code cleanup and usage of default implementation for special methods as much as possible.

Regarding I miss last time. I moved to a new system lately, a Ubuntu based one, and still need to find out what version of automake/autoreconf I need to install. For the moment I have updated manually.

This is OK

(I'm in favour of any change that reduces the amount of code in the
Profile Mode :)

Please correct a minor spelling mistake (in two places) before

+      /** If hint is used we consider that the map and unordered_map
+ * operations have equivalent insertion cost so we do not update metrics
+       * about it.
+       * Note that to find out if hint has been used is libstdc++
+       * implementation dependant.



Done but I forgot to fix the spelling. I will fix it in the future patch.


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