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Re: [PATCH 7/7] Plug ipa-prop escape analysis into gimple_call_arg_flags

On May 22, 2014 5:24:33 PM CEST, Jan Hubicka <> wrote:
>> Can we?  If the body is not readily available we only have decl and
>> cgraph-node, not struct function.
>> I suppose we could exchange the struct function pointer in
>> tree_function_decl for a cgraph_node pointer and put
>> the struct function pointer into the cgraph_node.
>> Of course that may have impacts on FEs who might create
>> struct function before creating a cgraph node.  But at least
>> it would avoid enlarging FUNCTION_DECL.
>> In the end most of the tree_decl_with_vis stuff should move over to
>> and var-decls should get a varpool_node pointer as well.
>> Back to the call flags stuff - I also meant the representation of the
>> "fn spec" attribute.  Rather than parsing that again and again move
>> it to a better place (which you seem to invent?) and better unified
>> representation.
>> Can you try if removing the cgraph hash is possible with the
>> struct function pointer idea?
>It won't be so easy, because struct function is really built at
>relatively convoluted
>places within frontend before cgraph node is assigned to them (I tried
>that few years

Well, just call cgraph create node from struct Funktion allocation.


>I think we may be on better track moving DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME that is
>calculated later,
>but then we have problem with DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME being set for
>assembler names and
>const decls, too that still go around symtab.
>Given that decl_assembler_name is a function, I suppose we could go
>with extra conditoinal
>in there.
>Getting struct function out of frontend busyness would be nice indeed,
>too, but probably
>should be independent of Martin's work here.
>> Thanks,
>> Richard.
>> > Thanks,
>> >
>> > Martin
>> >
>> >>
>> >> > +       }
>> >> >      }
>> >> > +
>> >> > +  return ret;
>> >> >  }
>> >> >
>> >> >  /* Detects return flags for the call STMT.  */
>> >> >

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