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Re: [PATCH 4/5] add gcc/gdb interface files

On 05/16/14 09:26, Tom Tromey wrote:

2014-05-16  Phil Muldoon  <>
	    Jan Kratochvil  <>
	    Tom Tromey  <>

	* gcc-c-fe.def: New file.
	* gcc-c-interface.h: New file.
	* gcc-interface.h: New file.

+GCC_METHOD7 (gcc_decl, build_decl,
+	     const char */* name */,
+	     enum gcc_c_symbol_kind /* sym_kind */,
+	     gcc_type /* sym_type */,
+	     const char */* substitution_name */,
+	     gcc_address /* address */,
+	     const char */* filename */,
+	     unsigned int /* line_number */)

I must say that I hate the embedded comments in the signatures. Especially when you end up with something like:

const char */* name */,

My brain just doesn't parse it.

const char * /* name */

is marginally better, but I still don't like it.

const char *, /* name */

Parses better as long as every argument is on a separate line. But I still don't like it...

I'm curious how others feel about this.

All these files say they're part of GDB, not sure if that was intentional. Obviously a nit.

Otherwise it's pretty reasonable. If we could come up with a better way to handle the signatures, then I think this part is good to go.


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