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Re: [PATCH] Fix PR61221

On 05/20/14 02:06, Richard Biener wrote:

We're still going to have problems if SSA names are re-used
(as even released SSA names have to remain valid lattice
entries after this).  But currently nothing will create new
SSA names (fingers crossing) during eliminate.  A followup
patch of mine will though, thus I'll do that two-staged
SSA name release/reuse list you thought would maybe fix this
Sounds good (the two-staged release/reuse).

The other thing I had pondered was two modes. One with immediate re-use and one with the two-staged release/reuse.

But before doing anything my plan was to revisit the need for the release/reuse code. That code was written when we had to go completely out of SSA, then back into SSA in the first incarnation of the SSA jump threading support.

With the incremental updating of the SSA graph, we may find that we really just don't need this code anymore. I wouldn't lose any sleep if after a bit of poking you came to that conclusion and just ripped out the release/reuse code completely.


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