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Re: [RFC] HOST_WIDE_INT transition steps

Richard Biener <> writes:
> The following is my current idea on progressing on the HOST_WIDE_INT
> removal
> 1) (ping)
> 2) make sure [u]int64_t is available and use that to define HOST_WIDE_INT
> 3) s/HOST_WIDE_INT/int64_t/ (same for unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT)
> Leaves us with HOST_WIDEST_INT (just use [u]int64_t, I don't think
> we care for 128bit types).

All sounds good to me FWIW.

There'll probably be plenty of references to "HWI", "hwint", etc.
as well...

> And HOST_WIDEST_FAST_INT for which
> I don't have a very good suggestion other than either keeping
> it, unconditionally using 'long' (thus simply remove
> use_long_long_for_widest_fast_int and handling).  The fast_[u]int64_t
> types and friends don't seem to be very "useful".

long isn't very good for ABIs like x86_64 x32 and MIPS n32, where the
registers are wider than long.

I don't see anything wrong with leaving it for now.  If we get rid of
HOST_WIDE_INT and HOST_WIDEST_INT then that's plenty of progress on
its own.


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