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[Google/4_8] LIPO COMDAT profile fixups

This patch applies profile fixups to COMDATs on the dyn ipa callgraph
at the end of LIPO module grouping (either in the profile gen run or
in gcov-tool). This is to address issues with missing profiles in the
out-of-line COMDAT copies not selected by the linker, and indirect
call profiles that target a module not included in the module group.
By default, both fixups are enabled, but can be controlled by a
profile-gen parameter, an environment variable, and a gcov-tool

The fixups assume that functions with the same lineno and cfg checksum
are copies of the same COMDAT. This is made more likely by ensuring
that in LIPO mode we include the full mangled name in the

For the counter fixup, we merge all non-zero profiles with matching
checksums and copy the merged profile into copies with all-zero

For the indirect counter fixup, if an indirect call profile target is
not in the module group, we look for a matching checksum copy in the
primary module and if exactly one is found we change the target to

If any fixups are applied, the gcda files are rewritten after module grouping.

This also required a couple of other changes to the optimizer. During
cgraph node resolution, we were arbitrarily selecting a copy that had
non-zero profiles. Now there are many more to choose from, so we will
prefer the primary module copy if it is non-zero. Also, during cloning
for inlining, we only want to update the profile on the callee node if
we are inlining into the resolved node caller node. We were already
doing this for AutoFDO, and need to do this here now that many node
copies have the same profile.

Patch attached. Tested with regression tests and internal benchmarks.
Ok for google branches?


Teresa Johnson | Software Engineer | | 408-460-2413

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