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Re: [DOC Patch] symbol rename pragmas

You misunderstood completely: I'm not at all demanding to remove support
for that pragma in the cross-platform part of the docs or even in the

Whew! Ok, that's good. Sorry I went all crazy on you. When I thought that *was* what you were asking for, I wanted to try to talk you out of it.

just ask to keep documenting the heritage so it's clear why it
exists and when to use it (or not).

Ok, I get this. I've written text that "discouraged" using things in the past, even though technically they work just fine.

Just restoring the first sentence you deleted describing the heritage
should be enough to do so.

Speaking for myself, I didn't see the old text as favoring one course of action over another. How would you feel about:

GCC supports a @code{#pragma} directive that changes the name used in
assembly for a given declaration. While this pragma is supported on all
platforms, it is intended primarily to provide compatibility with the
Solaris system headers. This effect can also be achieved using the asm
labels extension (@pxref{Asm Labels}).

To me, this subtly discourages using the pragma other than for Solaris, maintains the heritage, and immediately provides a viable alternative for other platforms.


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