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Re: [DOC Patch] symbol rename pragmas

Hi David,

> Thank you for taking the time to review this.
>>> the current text makes reference to "compatibility with the Solaris system
>>> headers," the remaining pragma is (according to the existing text)
>>> "currently on all platforms."  This makes referring to Solaris both
>>> superfluous and potentially confusing.
>> I disagree: #pragma redefine_extname does exist for Solaris
>> compatibility only, even if it now works on all platforms.  So please
>> continue to state so.
> Hmm.  Looking at the original text:
> "For compatibility with the Solaris system headers, GCC supports two
> #pragma directives that change the name used in assembly for a given
> declaration."
> As I read that, I only saw the motivation for why this pragma was added.

right, and that's why I want to keep this info.  If it weren't for
Solaris compatibility, this pragma wouldn't exist, and given that
heritage, I don't want to encourage its use elsewhere, even though it
does work.

> Even now I don't read this as *restricting* these pragmas to Solaris.
> Especially when you combine that with:
> - The text below which states that redefine_extname is "currently on all
> platforms."
> - This pragma isn't under the "Solaris Pragmas" headings, but under its own
> (apparently platform-neutral) heading.
> - It does in fact work on other platforms.  Even the
> __PRAGMA_REDEFINE_EXTNAME macro is there.

I've never claimed otherwise.

> Considering all these points, someone could easily conclude this was not
> Solaris-specific.  While that may not have been the intent when this text
> was written, that's how I read it, and others may have too.  Are you sure
> you want me to make this change?

I am, for the reasons stated above.

> I'm not trying to pick a fight here.  I'm not using the pragma, so this
> doesn't affect me.  It's just that this has been out there for a long time,
> affects platforms other than Solaris, and I'm not immediately clear on what
> problems supporting other platforms creates.||
> In the end I guess I'd just like to be sure some other OS Port Maintainer
> (or some distraught user) isn't going to be emailing me demanding to know
> why "I" dropped support for this from their platform.
> That said.
> If this does need to change, I'd recommend something like the attached.
> Note that since the previous patch was checked in, this patch updates from
> that point.  It deletes the "Symbol-Renaming Pragmas" node, and moves (most
> of) the redefine_extname text into the "Solaris Pragmas" node.
> If reading the patch doesn't make it clear what I've done, you can see the
> end result here:
> I believe this makes it crystal clear that the only platform where gcc
> supports this pragma is Solaris.  If you approve (and I don't hear from
> some other Port Maintainer or distraught user), I'll submit this as a new
> patch.  Be aware, I plan to put your name in the changelog.

You misunderstood completely: I'm not at all demanding to remove support
for that pragma in the cross-platform part of the docs or even in the
code, just ask to keep documenting the heritage so it's clear why it
exists and when to use it (or not).

Just restoring the first sentence you deleted describing the heritage
should be enough to do so.


Rainer Orth, Center for Biotechnology, Bielefeld University

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