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Re: [patch, mips] fix JALR test in

Sandra Loosemore <> writes:
> When configuring GCC for mips-linux-gnu, this happens:
> configure:26145: checking assembler and linker for explicit JALR relocation
> conftest.s: Assembler messages:
> conftest.s:2: Internal error!
> Assertion failure in macro_build at 
> /scratch/sandra/mips-fsf/obj/binutils-src-mainline-0-mips-linux-gnu-i686-pc-linux-gnu/gas/config/tc-mips.c 
> line 7953.
> Please report this bug.

Will try to look at that sometime...

> Probably this should be diagnosed as a user error instead of an assert 
> failure on the binutils side, but on the GCC side, the assembly code 
> being used for this configure test is incorrect and it would make the 
> JALR relocation support test fail even if the assembler diagnosed it 
> more nicely.  The trouble is that for the o32 ABI (the assembler 
> default), the "ld" instruction being used in the test is really a macro 
> that expands into 2 instructions.  This patch fixes it by substituting 
> "lw", which allows the configure test to pass.

OK, thanks.


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