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Re: [DOC Patch] symbol rename pragmas

David Wohlferd <> writes:

> I don't have permissions to commit this patch, but I do have a release on
> file with the FSF.
> Problem description:
> The existing docs make reference to the "two #pragma directives that change
> the name used in assembly."  However, the subsequent text only describes
> one.  It turns out, "#pragma extern_prefix" was removed in revision 185240
> (March 2012), as part of "Remove obsolete Tru64 UNIX V5.1B support," but
> the surrounding text wasn't updated to reflect the new count.  Also, while

That's my fault, sorry.

> the current text makes reference to "compatibility with the Solaris system
> headers," the remaining pragma is (according to the existing text)
> "currently on all platforms."  This makes referring to Solaris both
> superfluous and potentially confusing.

I disagree: #pragma redefine_extname does exist for Solaris
compatibility only, even if it now works on all platforms.  So please
continue to state so.

> ChangeLog:
> 2014-05-12  David Wohlferd <>
>         * doc/extend.texi: Reflect current pragma count and remove
> "Solaris."

The ChangeLog entry should be formatted like this:

	* doc/extend.texi (Symbol-Renaming Pragmas): Refect ...

This is what Emacs' Change Log mode does for you, otherwise it's hard to
see what section your change refers to.


Rainer Orth, Center for Biotechnology, Bielefeld University

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