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Re: [patch] fix impliedness of -Wunused-parameter depending on -Wexta option ordering

On Mon, 12 May 2014, Matthias Klose wrote:

> I didn't look close enough to the gfortran test results.  PR driver/61126 is a
> fix for the regression introduced with the fix for the above issue.  With this
> patch proposed by Manuel, gfortran.dg/wextra_1.f now passes, and no new
> regressions seen on the trunk and the branches.

I think changing the order of the handlers has far too high a risk of 
introducing further nonobvious regressions to consider it for the 
branches.  You need a clear and careful analysis of the circumstances 
under which the order of the handlers can affect observable compiler 
behavior in order to justify such a change as safe.  But I think a better 
principle is that if the order matters, there is a bug in those handlers 
and they should be fixed so that the order doesn't matter (absent a clear 
design showing why it is desirable for the order to matter).

Joseph S. Myers

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