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Re: [patch,arm] Add GCC runtime library exceptions to files that go into libgcc

Georg-Johann Lay <> writes:

> This patch adds GCC Runtime Library Exception to files that go into
> libgcc because libgcc2.c includes tm.h and libgcc_tm.h.
> Most of these files contain much code, some used by libgcc, some
> not. Some potential users of (lib)gcc have objections that missing RLE
> might "infect" their target code.
> Even though I know that this is actually not the case and the FSF is
> fine with target code linked against libgcc, it's pointless to argue
> in that direction. At least this is my personal experience with
> advocates.
> I am aware that there was effort for better separation of libgcc and
> GCC, but obviously this separation has not yet been achieved.
> This this ok for trunk?
> And is there anything special about license changes w.r.t FSF that I
> have to take into account?  CCed Ian so that someone from the GCC
> steering committee can have a look.

I think this is unnecessary but fine.

Please wait a couple of days to see if there are any objections.


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