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Re: [PATCH, testsuite] Fix rs6000 test case pack03.c to use new dg-require-effective-target dfp_hw

On Fri, May 9, 2014 at 2:43 PM, Peter Bergner <> wrote:
> Pat noticed that the updated pack03.c DFP test case is FAILing on
> older Power hardware without DFP support (ie, power5 and earlier).
> The problem is that the dg-require-effective-target dfprt use
> only protects against use on system without a DFP runtime, not
> a system without dfp hardware instructions.  It seems we don't
> have test, so the following patch added a dfp_hw test that fixes
> the problem.
> This passed bootstrap and regtesting on powerpc64-linux with no
> regressions on both power5 and power8 systems.
> Ok for mainline, 4.9 and 4.8 branches to fixup the test cases
> there?
> Peter
> gcc/testsuite/
>         * lib/target-support.exp (check_dfp_hw_available): New function.
>         (is-effective-target): Check $arg for dfp_hw.
>         (is-effective-target-keyword): Likewise.
>         * (dg-require-effective-target):
>         Change target to dfp_hw.


thanks, David

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