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Re: [PATCH 06/89] Introduce gimple_label and use it in a few places

On 04/21/14 10:56, David Malcolm wrote:
	* coretypes.h (gimple_label): New typedef.
	(const_gimple_label): New typedef.

	* gimple.h (struct gimple_statement_label): New subclass of
	gimple_statement_with_ops, adding the invariant that
	stmt->code == GIMPLE_LABEL.
	(gimple_statement_base::as_a_gimple_label): New.
	(gimple_statement_base::dyn_cast_gimple_label): New.
	(is_a_helper <gimple_statement_label>::test): New.

	* (build_pretty_printer): Add gimple_label and its
	variants, reusing the gimple printer.

	* gimple-pretty-print.c (dump_gimple_label): Require a gimple_label
	rather than just a gimple.
	* tree-cfg.c (verify_gimple_label): Likewise.

	* gimple.c (gimple_build_label): Return a gimple_label rather than
	just a gimple.
	* gimple.h (gimple_build_label): Likewise.

	* gimplify.c (gimplify_case_label_expr): Update local to be a
	* tree-switch-conversion.c (gen_inbound_check): Likewise.

	* gimple-pretty-print.c (pp_gimple_stmt_1): Add checked cast to
	gimple_label in regions where a stmt is known to have code
	* tree-cfg.c (verify_gimple_stmt): Likewise.
Same as prior patches for gimple_cond and gimple_assign.


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