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Re: [gomp4] Add tables generation

On 05 Apr 17:22, Bernd Schmidt wrote:
> Things seemed to work over here, but now I'm not certain whether the
> __start_/__stop_ functionality is GNU ld specific? Maybe we should
> just go back to the previous version of this patch which didn't try
> to use this.
> Bernd

This approach does not work with shared libraries.

The automatically inserted symbols have GLOBAL binding, therefore the
__start_/__stop_ from the executable overwrite the respective symbols in DSO.

Here is a simple example with 2 DSOs and one executable.  The function
GOMP_offload_register is called with the following pointers in HOST_TABLE:

1. (funcs 0x604880:0x604898, vars 0x604840:0x604880)
2. (funcs 0x604880:0x604898, vars 0x604840:0x604880)
3. (funcs 0x604880:0x604898, vars 0x604840:0x604880)

But with "manually" added start/stop and LOCAL binding everything works fine:

1. (funcs 0x7f286b425530:0x7f286b425540, vars 0x7f286b425540:0x7f286b425540)
2. (funcs 0x7f286b8624a0:0x7f286b8624b0, vars 0x7f286b8624b0:0x7f286b8624b0)
3. (funcs 0x604760:0x604778, vars 0x604780:0x6047c0)

  -- Ilya

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