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Re: Hurd port for gcc go PATCH 7-9 (9)

Svante Signell, le Tue 06 May 2014 10:58:38 +0200, a Ãcrit :
> The patch for st_dev by Thomas Schwinge was not liked by Samuel


I said âThese should be fine, however.â and âa sed rule can't hurt even
if there is no occurrence...â

So just keep that precise part back as it was, no need for being clumsy.

What I however said was:

âErr, these seem to get applied to all systems, not just GNU/Hurd, isn't
that a concern?â

By that, I mean this:

> +# Special treatment of EWOULDBLOCK for GNU/Hurd
> +# /usr/include/bits/errno.h: #define EWOULDBLOCK EAGAIN
> +egrep '^const EWOULDBLOCK = Errno(_EWOULDBLOCK)' ${OUT} | \
> +    sed -i.bak -e 's/_EWOULDBLOCK/_EAGAIN/' ${OUT}
> +

and that:

> +# Special treatment of SYS_FCNTL for GNU/Hurd
> +if ! grep '^const SYS_FCNTL' ${OUT} >/dev/null 2>&1; then
> +  echo "const SYS_FCNTL = 0" >> ${OUT}
> +fi

AIUI, the patch you propose does those changes for all systems, not just
GNU/Hurd.  That most probably will pose a problem.


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