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Re: RFA: speeding up

On 02/13/14 02:18, Richard Sandiford wrote:

the script takes just over 5 hours to produce the gcc.log file.
Good grief...

This patch tries to reduce that by providing an alternative single-script
version.  I was torn between Python and Tcl, but given how most people
tend to react to Tcl, I thought I'd better go for Python.  I wouldn't
mind rewriting it in Tcl if that seems better though, not least because
expect is already a prerequisite.
Can't argue with that reasoning. There's been talk of rewriting the testsuite drivers to use python rather than tcl under the hood. I'd be surprised if anyone in our community really prefers tcl over python.

It would mean a bit of pain for initial system bootstraps by the distributors, but those are relatively rare occurrences and they can always seed that process by building without testing to get the initial tools, when are then used to build python, then rebuild gcc to get the testing done. I don't see this as being a major issue.

Python isn't yet required and I'm pretty sure this script needs 2.6
or later.  I'm also worried that the seek/tell stuff might not work on
Windows.  The patch therefore gets to check the
environment first and call into the python version if possible,
otherwise it falls back on the current approach.  This also means
that the patch is contained entirely within contrib/.  If this does
indeed not work on Windows then we should either fix the python code
(obviously preferred) or get to skip it on
Windows for now.
Kai can probably test an answer questions about the Windows space.

I checked that the outputs were otherwise identical for a set of
mips64-linux-gnu, mipsisa64-sde-elf and x86_64-linux-gnu runs.  I also
reran the acats tests with some nobbled testcases in order to test the
failure paths there.

Also bootstrapped & regression-tested on x86_64-linux-gnu.  OK to install?


	* New file.
	* Use it if the environment seems suitable.
OK by me.


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